I’ve been very quiet on here for the past few months. I started yet another career, now in non-profit administration, it provides greater flexibility in my schedule and fortunately extra time to sneak away for play. However up until now, I’ve barely been advertising, and largely only seeing repeat visitors, focused on honing a new set of skills, tedious office ones this time. Yet, I long for more tender flesh to leave my mark upon.

As the world continues to crash down around our ears, I am reminded that of the freedom I have always found in carnality. That those tender moments where I hold a submissives destiny in my hands everything else seems to lift – to clear. That the almost meditative quality of topping scenes are some of my most rejuvenating indulgences.

I feel like I talk about this a lot, the rather existential aspects of BDSM, that’s what gets me off. I don’t mean that I need to know why you want what you want, but more the how, the cadence, and the context. We don’t need to pathologize our needs and desires, they can just exist, and we can poke and prod them and unwind them in all sorts of painful and uncomfortable ways, without stumbling through quandaries of identity or permanence. You can call me Daddy and not have “daddy issues” I promise.

It’s 2019, it’s all about starting over, resetting, getting back to basics. This year I further dedicate myself to the self-care that comes from domming. To bathe myself in the wails, screams, and simpering of those at my feet. To notice the unique beautiful of sweat on a nervous and furrowed brow. To remember that all we have is the here and now, this moment, this suffering, this sweet sweet release.

Happy New Year sluts!