The Importance of Sex Worker Perspectives in These Times

Originally Published 2/1/2017

There’s been quite a bit of debate recently, especially on Twitter, if it’s appropriate or wise for sex workers to be sharing their political perspectives. I understand the fear of alienating potential clients, ultimately we all have to make the decisions we deem appropriate for our ethical and financial health, but I reject the notion that it is inappropriate to share those opinions. Personally, I have no interest in seeing clients that do not value liberation struggles for people of color, queer folks, and the otherwise disenfranchised and oppressed. I’ve said no on that basis before, and I am sure I will again. I recognize the privilege I have in that, many others are not so lucky.

The deeply unfortunate reality at this time is that many of us are rightly terrified of the current political climate. It seems only a matter of time before our few remaining advertising options are shuttered and “immoral speech” verdicts render us silent.

A sweet sub mused to me recently that he thought this is the death rattle of patriarchy. Could this be one last desperate and pathetic attempt to restore maintain the order of male mediocrity and disappointment? He’s probably more of a true female supremacist than I am, but is in interesting theory. One, however, that I fear will have many innocent casualties along the path regardless.

What’s the point of this rant? Well, there a few in fact. Your sex workers are full human beings, with opinions and passions. Not only that, but as a population we typically experiences a litany of intersecting oppressions and struggles we’re frequently the canaries in the coal mine of regressive governments and societies.

It’s not wrong to be scared right now, it’s not wrong to speak out against the injustices we see, and it’s not wrong to make every attempt possible to turn the ship around. We all have to do whatever we can to keep ourselves safe and move the arc of history towards justice.