Protocol for Contacting Me

Oh my precious potential submissives, you come to me with so much idealism, nervousness, and excitement. I revel in the thrill of a new person reaching out to explore your inner-most desires and secrets, however there are some expected protocols that I expect you to follow in your application and correspondence with me.

  1. Do Your Research On Me: Read this blog post and my others. Familiarize yourself with my posts on Twitter and Instagram, they will help to give you a sense of who I am as a person and as a domme. Familiarize yourself with my tribute information and minimum session times.
  2. Do Some Research on Your Kink or Fetish: I welcome first time visitors, but expect you to have some idea of what you would like to explore. I am particularly interested in the “why” and love big fantasy building. I do not pathologize or judge why you are interested in what you’re interested in, but I am curious why it interests you.
  3. I Am Not a Carnival Ride: I do not provide simple services or activities. Queries asking for simplistic activity-centric play without context turn me off.
  4. No Discussion of Illegal Activities in Your Application or Correspondence: I do not provide illegal services for payment, applications and correspondence explicitly asking for such will be ignored.
  5. You Are Applying to be Considered for My Time: Filling out an application does not ensure that you will be seen by me. Write your application with the understand that it is up to you to impress me with your interest and politeness.
  6. Honesty & Bravery: It takes a great deal of bravery to reach out and explore your inner-most secrets, for that I hold deep respect. Approach me with honesty and deference and together we can make your wildest dreams come true.
  7. I am a Busy Bee! If you would like to discuss a potential session with me in greater detail than what is covered in my online application, please schedule a time to chat on voice call or text via NiteFlirt, I expect to be paid for my time, including lengthy negotiations.