What’s in a name?

Domme, dominatrix, disciplinarian, daddy…

I approach domination, humiliation, and pain infliction as I would approach any art form – as a unique opportunity to leave my personal mark upon that medium. Frequently that is physical punishment, but I am always intentional and intelligent in my crafting of modes of torment.

I am a queer femme daddy, all of the biological equipment of a female assigned person, with the testosterone of male assigned person. I look forward to your unending surrender.

My creativity will not be limited by convention or dominant paradigm, I am always striving for something deeper and greater in this work. You may not know what brought you here yet, but on this road together we will unearth it. Your darkest secrets, once bringing the greatest fear and shame, when skillfully exposed to the light can become your truest salvation.

Please read this website thoroughly before contacting me in regards to booking me for an in-person session, Skype/Niteflirt session, or custom video. I am very thoughtful in the presentation of the materials here, and you’ll likely find the answer to your question explained here already.

I am available locally in Baltimore and Washington, DC regularly and also loved to be flown to you for extended adventures in deviance.